Tuesday, 21 August 2007

What kind of writer am I?

In a previous post, Tom mentioned that he wanted writers to feel good about and therefore enjoy working on the book. I'm definitely one of those who needs to hear praise alongside the criticism, however constructive, so was pleased to see that he was liking the general direction the book was going in. I veer wildly between being reasonably confident about my writing and then, a short time later reading exactly the same words and thinking that they're rubbish.
That's why I've decided to just write the thing, warts and all. I'm aiming for 65,000 words and then plan to flesh some of the earlier sections out to take into account Tom's thoughts.
For now, I just want to get the first draft done, which should be about 8 weeks away. The final manuscript is is due at the end of December
The only thing I've gone back to is the prologue. I couldn't help myself - there was a dramatic incident involving the 14-year old me on a ferry to Sweden that had to be told. It was also a nice lead-in to why my passion for football came about.

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