Thursday, 2 August 2007

Editorial Thoughts # 4: Characters

My final thought to Dave is about characters. Although the book is based around his experiences, it is important to build up a bunch of other main characters too. I think he has started doing this in the early pages, but wanted to flag up for him to keep doing so. As well as Dave as the narrator, we need half a dozen or so main characters in the text too. Dave needs to decide who they are, and keep their presence up in the book. My last preliminary comment is more of a question – who does the title the Bromley Boys refer to? My assumption (and it may be wrong) is that it refers to the small band of die-hard Bromley fans he falls in with. If so, this needs to come out strongly, to make sure the book is about the Bromley Boys, and not just the Bromley Boy.

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