Monday, 24 September 2007

Half Time Team Talk

It's taken me longer than I would have liked to have got round to reading Dave's 'story so far' material -- see my other blog, for the boring details. But it was very much worth the wait. There's about 170-odd pages, down, so in footballing terms, we've pretty much hit half-time. Continuing my tortuous analogy (it's a football book, so I think I'm allowed), I would say Dave has gone in at the break in front, and in terms of the second half, my tactics talk is almost Sven like. More of the same, no complacency, your game to lose, hello Ulrika. OK, so maybe not the Ulrika bit.
My one serious point to Dave was over the structure -- at the moment the material isn't really divided down into chapters, and at some point this needs to be addressed. But because the writing is flowing so well, and Dave is clearly enjoying writing it, I'd rather he got to the end, and then we can sit about shaping the book once the whole manuscript is in.

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