Monday, 23 July 2007

Just when everything seemed to be running smoothly... computer screen has turned blue, making it slightly difficult to see what I'm typing. Apart from that, I'm on schedule to finish the book by the end of December as long as I can stick to my current pace.
The trick, I've discovered, is not to think in terms of writing, say, 70000 words, but breaking it down into less intimidating chunks of 500 in the morning and 500 in the evening.
Thanks to Bromley Public Library's research and information service, I now have the match reports for every game in the 1969/70 season and reading through them has revealed the kind of stories you couldn't make up. In my memories, Bromley were a superb team, playing dashing football. The reality, it appears, was somewhat different. They were almost comically inept.
But just as importantly, today's playlist while writing. A lot of Cast, a bit of The Shins, some Fountains of Wayne and THIS song by Johnny Boy (their only song as far as I know).

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