Tuesday, 31 July 2007

Editorial Thoughts #2: The Set Up

I love the opening prologue and think that the pre-season friendly with West Ham Dave has chosen a perfect contrast for what is to come. I actually think he could make a bit more of it – really big up the Hammers, talk about their world cup stars, deciding whose autograph he is going to ask for first, etc. I also think that what the book needs at the beginning – and I don’t know whether this should be in the prologue or the opening chapters – is a little more ‘locating’ the story. Firstly, in sense of place. This is the first time we visit the Bromley ground, and although it is familiar to Dave, needs bringing to life for the reader. Secondly, in terms of Dave's support for the club. Why is he a Bromley fan? Is there a family connection? Why is this his first match, when he has supported them for a while, etc? A memory or two of the World Cup in 1966 (must have had a big impression on a ten year old boy) wouldn’t go amiss. My instinct would be to give a bit more about the ground in the prologue, and flesh out the fan stuff in the opening chapter.

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