Friday, 26 October 2007

Good Football 0 Bad Teams 2

I’ve been thinking about The Bromley Boys in the last couple of weeks, having been back up north to watch my own less than wonderful team, York City, play Stafford Rangers on a cold and deserted Tuesday night. York aren’t doing great at the moment – symbolised by the fact that Yorkie the lion managed to come last in the annual football club mascot’s race – but still somehow managed to win 2-0 (celebrated with ‘Getting Better’ by Shed Seven pumping out over the tannoy). Basically, York were bad, but Stafford Rangers were even worse – to the point where I decided they were the worst team I had ever paid money to watch (£14 to stand on the terraces, but that’s another story). The fact Bromley in 1969 must have been even worse than that, could only leave me the deepest sympathy for Dave. And it was with this feeling that I opened and started reading the full manuscript.

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